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Solution: EX-1 Create a user defined exception sub

Solution: EX-1 Create a user defined exception sub class that accepts an integer in its constructor.  Extend the Exception class  Have a private value that is initialized by the constructor  Override toString to display a custom message that uses the private value. In a main method:  Use two text files, file1 and file2, to invoke your exception (via file1) and a general exception (via file2).  Access the files using a method discussed in chapter 13 o Prompt the user to “Enter 1 or 2” for which file they want to use for a given run. o Or, run from the command prompt and take the file name in as the first parameter  Use a try with resources block to access the file selected and trigger the exception. o For a general exception, you can force it or simply throw it directly yourself.  Catch your exception and issue a message.  Catch a general (nonspecific) exception and issue a message, then rethrow a general exception.  Use a finally clause to issue a closing message. Submit the zipped Eclipse solution folder.

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