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Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future

I will download the chapter Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future and you have to read this chapter.
Step 2:

Read your chosen chapter.

I suggest you look at the outline and then read the chapter, taking notes on each section along the way. Write page numbers so you can easily revisit specific parts. Put quotes around words taken directly from the text and give the page number in parentheses before the end of the sentence. You can do the SmartBook questions for points later, but I think you will get a better understanding of the chapter as a whole by reading it thoroughly rather than in the way MH guides you through the reading, skipping through certain main points. The stories in between may inspire the most thought and growth, which brings us to the next step….
Step 3:

Reflect, select & apply

Step 4:

Turn in graded elements.

[See each assignment in the project module for detailed instructions.]

Part 1: List the 3 points you personally found most compelling, interesting, useful or 

              surprising. Use full sentences.

Part 2: Summarize the main points of the chapter in your own words. Explain as you would to an  interested person who is not in the course.

Part 3: Take two points to explore more deeply.

Provide relevant definitions/theory/content from the text
Provide example(s) that demonstrate your understanding of the poi
Part 5: Make a short discussion board post sharing useful information about your

          chosen chapter for the benefit of your classmates who may have chosen a

          different chapter. What one nugget of information are you bursting to share?
i am downloading the sample.

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