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Short essay

The purpose of this assignment is to think about the speech of “Hitler Proclamation to the German nation” as a whole. Write a paper (A)
describing, (B) analyzing and (C) evaluating a speech. Each analysis paper should be
written in essay format. Papers should be a minimum of 2  Pages (APA Format, Double
Spaced, Times New Roman 12-point Font, 1-inch margins).

Items to address in each Analysis Paper:
In the introductory paragraph briefly explain who is speaking and why.
In the body of the speech include:
– Describe the context of the event; an explanation of the speeches historical
background; an explanation of the primary and secondary audiences of the
speech; and an explanation of the structure of the speech.
What information is used? Facts? Opinions? Inferences? Is the
information adequate to meet the needs of the audience?
– Analyze at least three strategies used by the speaker to meet the needs of
the audience at the event (audience analysis).
Who is the audience, what are the goals of the speaker and how
does he or she seek to achieve them? Are their multiple audiences?
Why is the particular audience important to the speaker?
– Evaluate the success of the event; what the purpose of the speech was; if
the speakers purpose was achieved and how do you know if it was
How is language and emotion used to reach the audience? Is the
speaker successful in establishing the appropriate tone?
In the conclusion discuss what you took away from the speech. How did the
speaker impact you? What did you take away from the speech?

Use this link to see the speech.

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