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Select someone who is about 20 years older than yo

Select someone who is about 20 years older than you. This person can be anyone except your (step) mom or dad. Ask this person if they are willing to have a 15-20 minute interview/conversation with you about their experiences and opinions about mass media. This interview can be conducted via Skype, phone, or face-to-face (preferred). You should make arrangements to audio or video record this conversation so that you will be able to refer back to specifics to answer your Discussion Questions.In the interview, ask questions about your interviewee’s current and past media use (be specific about the different media platforms we discussed in class: print/newspaper/magazine/books, radio, television, news/journalism, new media, social media (facebook, twitter, snapchat, etc.), internet, cell phones/mobile devices, etc.), beliefs about media’s significance, attitudes regarding media, attitudes about generational differences in media use, where they think media is going in the future, and any of the specific issues we have (will) discussed in class (e.g., digital nation, media history, technological innovation, media industry, globalization, diversity, journalism, advertising, etc.).Discuss with your interviewee your personal perspectives on media and compare any differences and similarities between you. Identify if there are any possibilities for learning from each other. Discuss what each of you thinks about the overall significance of media and key issues that you both think are most significant to understanding the role of media in contemporary life.After conducting the interview, answer the Discussion Questions and turn in your answers via e-Learn.Discussion QuestionsBriefly transcribe your conversation from the audio/video recording. You do not have to transcribe every word, but give enough detail to give the reader a genuine sense of how the conversation flowed. Transcribe in Q&A format.Describe who you interviewed (name and relationship to you) and why you selected them.Based on your interview, what were the biggest differences between you and your interviewee regarding media use/behaviors? What were the biggest similarities?Based on your interview, what were the biggest differences between you and your interviewee regarding media attitudes/beliefs? What were the biggest similarities?In what ways do you think these differences and similarities (discussed in #2 & 3) are significant for mass media and/or society?Did your perspective on media change based on this interview? Explain. Why or why not?Based on your conversation, how do you think media affects different generations?Do you think attitudes & behaviors regarding media use are changing? In what ways is change positive/beneficial? In what ways is change challenging/detrimental?

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