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Science in the News

Science in the News

  • 500 words plus references (i.e. two-double spaced page, plus a reference page)
  • Choose one of the human diseases covered in lecture, or any other disease or
    topic in medicine that is of interest to you. (i.e. hypertension, asthma).
  • Read a current news article about the disease or topic, examples of websites
    with relevant articles are listed below, but feel free to find a news article on any site.
  • First page, discuss the population who is most often effected by the disease and the mechanism of action behind the disease. What system does it effect? What organ? cell types? What effect does it have on homeostasis? How does it effect the individual? What symptoms to they get? Is the disease caused by a genetic mutation or the environment/lifestyle or both?
  • Second page summarize the article. You can also discuss the most common treatments for the disease. In addition, discuss any novel or new treatments that are being developed 

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