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Scenario (information repeated for deliverable 01,

Scenario (information repeated for deliverable 01, 03, and 04) Amajor client of your company is interested in the salary distributionsof jobs in the state of Minnesota that range from $30,000 to $200,000per year. As a Business Analyst, your boss asks you to research andanalyze the salary distributions. You are given a spreadsheet that contains the following information: A listing of the jobs by titleThe salary (in dollars) for each job The client needs the preliminary findings by the end of the day, and your boss asks you to first compute some basic statistics. Background information on the Data Thedata set in the spreadsheet consists of 364 records that you will beanalyzing from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data set contains alisting of several jobs titles with yearly salaries ranging fromapproximately $30,000 to $200,000 for the state of Minnesota. Attached is the excel spread sheet, each tab has questions to be answered.

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