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Scenario #“Daylighting” Guichon Creek through

Scenario #“Daylighting” Guichon Creek through BCITShow map of creekGuichon Creek starts at Wesburn park on Moscrop Avenue, crosses Willingdon Avenue at Deer Lake Parkway and enters into BCIT lands. At BCIT the creek was covered over years ago with parking beginning by the gym and does not re-appearto daylight until it crosses Canada Way by the Telus building. As part of the BCIT 50th Anniversary plan –this will be a big environmental legacy project to have an accessible creek run right through BCIT.Details:Design pathway of new creek without impacting current BCIT buildings or traffic flow but can move parking or re-direct roadways if needed – must connect up to existing creek at Canada Way.Build new creek – include areas for salmon spawning – gravel beds.Design and construct pathways, benches and landscaping beside new creek.Involve BCIT students and faculty in design and construction of new creek.Divert existing creek into to new creek then block and remediate old covered sections.Offset/minimize environmental impact to surrounding area during construction.Project Management activitieGroup Activity:Using one of the two template examples provided by the instructor create the Project Charter for your chosen scenario. For this assignment you are thinking as the Project Sponsor, not the Project Manager. Please amend the template to only include the following headings:Clearly identify the Project Customer (real person, name, title and name of organization)Clearly identify and the Project Sponsor (real person, name, title and name of organization)Rationale for this project has been chosen and its importance to the SponsorProject overview descriptionHigh-level deliverables descriptionProject scope boundaries, limitations and constraintsKey stakeholders – top 3 Project Cost (Budget) total $ (one high level number only)Project Timeline (Schedule) duration (months or years)Project Risks – top 3 key risksResources required – top 3 key resourcesIdentification of the Project ManagerSignatures sectionPaper must be typed and handed in as printed hard copy. Emailed soft copy will not be accepted.THE BELOW ATTACHED FILE IS THE TEMPLATE USE AS THE REFERENCE OF WORK.USE ANY ONE OF THE TWO TWMPLATES WHICH BEST SUITES FOR DOING THE WORK

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