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RISK, RETURN AND CAPMPlease complete the attached

RISK, RETURN AND CAPMPlease complete the attached assignment after you watch the risk & return video.PFI-FIN 3331 Revised Risk Return Assignment.pdfPart I (Based on the video): Fully watch the video and answer the following questions.Question 1: According to the video, how do we define risk?Question 2: According to the video, how would the risk of a portfolio consisting of stocks from a variety of economic sectors compare to one consisting of stocks from just one sector? What is the technical finance term for this concept?Question 3: According to the video, what is the difference between std. dev. and beta in terms of measuring risk?Question 4: According to the video, what are some caveats associated with CAPM?Question 5: According to the video, what is the difference between systematic and unsystematic risk? How is each type of risk impacted by holding a well-diversified portfolio?Part IIQuestion 1: You invest in a portfolio of 5 stocks with an equal investment in each one. The betas of the 5 stocks are as follows: .8, -1.3, .95, 1.2 and 1.4. The risk-free return is 3% and the market return is 7%.Compute the beta of the portfolio.Compute the required return of the portfolio.Question 2: You are given the following probability distribution for a stock:Probability Outcome .5 -6% .5 18%A) Compute the expected return.B) Compute the standard deviation.C) Compute the coefficient of variation.Part IIIQuestion 1: What is the rationale for the positive correlation between risk and expected return?Question 2: Why is it possible to eliminate unsystematic risk in a well-diversified portfolio? Likewise, why is it not possible to eliminate systematic risk?Submit your assignment within this linkPreviousNextRisk, Return and CAPMLinks to an external site.

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