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Response to a Counter-Argument AssignmentYou’ve re

Response to a Counter-Argument AssignmentYou’ve recently written your personal opinion and argument on a social topic or trend as a blog article. (my argument was that the covid-19 is a big threat to lives and people need to be very careful and start practicing social distancing such as self-quarantine and inessential businesses that contain big social gathering to close immediately) You will now find an opinion editorial online article on the same topic, but from an author who does not share your opinion on the topic. The writer provides a counter-argument to your argument. These types of articles can be found online. This is the one I disagree with ( )For this assignment, you will respond to that author. This should be brief, polite and civil, and express that you disagree with something specific about their argument and why. Try to persuade the author that they have not considered another perspective or evidence, or why their argument is faulty. Do not get emotional and do not provoke them in any way with the use of aggressive language or tone. Please include the title, author, and a link to the article you are responding to at the top of your document. Do not simply restate your blog article. Your response to the author should show that you have listened to the author’s specific arguments. Your piece should be a true response to their argument. Review Golden Rules of Argument and 5 Essentials for Winning an Argument in a Civil Manner to help you craft your response. Length: 3-4 paragraphs Due Date: Thursday of Week 13Genre: Argument ResponseFormat: Paragraph format addressing the author directlyAudience: The author of an opinion editorial piecePurpose: To respectfully respond to another’s argumentGrading Rubric (50 points total):Response shows that you have listened and are responding to a specific argument made by the author and you are expressing disagreement 15ptsThe response includes clear and logical reasons for disagreeing that goes beyond simply restating the earlier blog article assignment 15 ptsWriting is brief, respectful and civil, non-emotional, and does not provoke the writer while expressing your disagreement 10 ptsResponse is free of sentence-level errors 10 pt

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