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GMOs  or genetically modified organisms have become a topic of discussion in  recent years because of the break-through in the food industry. Still,  looking back at human history, we have been genetically modifying for  thousands of years. Not till 1973, scientist Herbert Boyer and Stanley  Cohen conducted the first successful genetically engineered organism  where they specifically cut one gene from one organism to placed it in  another. This process brought along different methods that were tested  on animals such as mice and plants, introducing DNA that helps create  resistance or correcting a deficiency.

Even though there are always two sides to everything, GMOs have  several benefits that contribute to the way we live in many ways. From  vegetables that have Bt Toxin gene such as in corn, which is a  pesticide producing crop to Golden Rice having an increased nutritional  value with vitamin A. Even with these positive advancements, there are  always drawbacks. At the same time, not all proven, but they have been  linked to GMOs as Antibiotic resistance in germs claiming 23,000 deaths  per year. Also, strains linked to food allergies and cancer, but further  research is needed to back up these claims; it is a concern for the  population.

The Common perception of GMOs is that it is unnatural, or it brings  an unbalance to nature, but I am on the side of progression and the  benefits they bring. In vegetables, as I stated earlier, the GMOs have  herbicide-resistant, pesticide producing, and nutritionally enhanced  crops. The advancements in medicine were made safer and cheaper in large  part to the benefits with GMOs.

Some genetically modified crops are achieved by the conventional  means with crop breeding and still have the same effect, which to some  people, would be the preferred way. I can understand the view on that  because it is not something made in a petri dish, but if they yield that  same results, I can see no difference if it makes one bad or good.

Overall the divide between people and GMOs will be around for a good  while until more research is available for the short term and long term  effects of GMOs on the human body and the environment. Once we get more  information to back up, all the added benefits GMOs have it will bring  down the walls people placed because of how unknown they have been.

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