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Reflect on the Mandate of Heaven in contemporary C

Reflect on the Mandate of Heaven in contemporary China. Do you think the continual repression of dissent in China today, everything from Tibetan monks and nuns immolating themselves to Tiananmen Square (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to censuring web access to certain sites – even during the Olympics – is an attempt to maintain the appearance of the Mandate of Heaven? Read this excerpt from General Secretary Xi Jinping’ inaugural speech as the new leader of China. What remarks seen to harken to the Mandate? Now that he has set himself up as President for life, he is de facto Emperor. Will he honor the Mandate or subvert it for his own personal ends?This year on Sunday, Feb. 16, published this Op-Ed piece How the New Virus Threatens Xi Jinping. (Links to an external site.)Unfortunately the author has not taken this class or else he would not have called the Mandate of Heaven a superstition rather than a symbol.Please read the article: Xi Jinping faces his Chernoybl that I now have permission to use.Include in your reflections the leadership handling the virus in this country and consider the Mandate of Heaven.

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