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Reading: Chapter 5: Measurement: Research Using Nu

Reading: Chapter 5: Measurement: Research Using NumberLecture Notes: Under ‘Resources,’ you will find ‘Lecture Notes B,’ pp. 2-9 & pp. 34-44.Course Packet: Under ‘Resources,’ you will find ‘Course Packet,’ pp. 12-13,Assignment 3: From Book Chapter: Chapter 5: Q1. What level of scales (measurements) describes each of the following variables?Race (White, African America, Asian, and so on) ______ scale Order of finish in a race (first, second, third, and so on) ______ scale Number of children in the family ______ scale Attitudes toward television violence (agree, neutral, disagree) ______ scalePeople’s height ______ scale People’s honesty (honest, dishonest) ______ scaleQ2: Quite often a college student’s grade point average (GPA) is taken as an indicator of her or his intelligence relative to that of other students. Givesome reasons why GPA may NOT be (a) reliable and (b) valid as a measure of the intelligence of college students. From Lecture Notes:Go to the course packet (pp. 12-13) and look up the survey questionnaire. Q1: Identify six types of measurements (scales) of the questions from Q#1 to Q#26. Are there any examples of questions measured on Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio, Likert, and Semantic Differential type scales? Find them and list question numbers.- Nominal: ____________________________________ (ex) Q#1, Q#2, Q#3, None, etc.- Ordinal: _____________________________________- Interval: ____________________________________- Ratio: _______________________________________- Likert: ______________________________________- Semantic differential: _________________________ Q2: About 90% of variables (questions) used in the questionnaire violated ‘the guidelinesfor asking questions’ (see Lecture Notes B, pp. 34-44). Identify those questions that violated the guidelines (Guideline 3 to Guideline 10) and list question numbers.Guideline 3: ___________________________________ (ex) Q#1, Q#2, Q#3, None, etc.Guideline 4: ___________________________________Guideline 5: ___________________________________Guideline 6: ___________________________________Guideline 7: ___________________________________Guideline 8: ___________________________________Guideline 9: ___________________________________Guideline 10: __________________________________

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