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Reading analysis for SOC 101, two readings are inc

Reading analysis for SOC 101, two readings are included, about 30 pages total(include . Please make summary for each of them, the details are in the file. The readings are included in the files. They are Same Sex Marriage and the Future of the LGBT Movement” and “Deinstitutionalization of American Families”. Questions for the readings:Familyis often discussed outside sociological circles as commonsense, but thereadings this week point out the way society has constructed the “normal”family and the social reasons for its existence. Discuss the historicalfunctions of family described in your textbook and show how the concept of whata family IS, who can be a family, and what the purpose of a family has shiftedover time due to economic, social, and political shifts. Answer the questionposed in your reading, “Deinstitutionalization of American Families:” why dopeople still get married? Be sure to address this question from a sociologicalperspective that alludes to history, structures, and power in society.(all the details are included in the files)😃

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