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Read the following article about how to write a po

Read the following article about how to write a policy recommendation:Doyle, Susan (2013) How To Write a Policy Recommendation (Retrieved from the article about Artificial intelligence providing medical advice in England:Magra, Illiana (July 10, 2019) Alexa Now Gives U.K. User N.H.S. Medical Advice (Retrieved from are Executive Director of the Department of Health in the State of Moldavia. Moldavia has a severe shortage of doctors, an aging population and a large geographic area. You are desperate to figure out a way to provide short term medical advice to patients who call and also then triage the issues they present so you can determine if they need the attention of a physical doctor or can be solved with some quick A.I. direction (e.g. appendicitis vs. a stomach virus).After reading about England’s use of Alexa in England you contacted the major current providers of online audio information access to the Web. You had meetings with Amazon (Alexa), Google (Google Assist) and Apple (Siri). You decide to implement a program similar to that in England for Medicaid patients whose medical needs are supported through the state-funded Medicaid program.Write a policy directive implementing this proposal. In the directive make sure you includeThe reasons for the policy and its primary goals.How it will protect the public and the patient’s safety.How you will monitor the success or failure of the process.Whether any existing laws or regulations (use the state’s where you live and federal laws) apply.Legal implications beyond privacy that may be at play.Note: If you locate an applicable law or regulation do not include the entire text of a statute. Rather summarize it as appropriate. It is your understanding and analysis of the law that is important.

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