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Read the Case “United Airlines – Navigating a

Read the Case “United Airlines – Navigating a Social Media Storm” at the end of Chapter 19 and response to the following:Page # from attached book: 439- 440What was the impact of the incidents described in the case on United Airlines’ reputation? Did these incidents impact the firm’s corporate identity or corporate image, or both, as described in the chapter?Did these incidents constitute a crisis, as defined in the chapter?Did United Airlines engage in effective crisis management, and why or why not? If you were the public relations manager at United Airlines, what steps would you have recommended the company take when these incidents occurred?What should the company do now to regain its customers’ trust?APA FORMAT, NO PLAGIARISM and NEED REPORT, DOUBLE SPACE 400 TO 500 link:please attached book reference and 2 outside source.…

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