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Read the article here provide your thoughts using your knowledge on corporate governance and ethics and any relevant information from credible media outlets and Facebook website (Links to an external site.)1. What is governance? Why is it important for strategic managers to understand the role that governance plays in the operation of the firm? What do you think of Facebook governance structure? do you agree with the first article? why and why not? How weak/strong governance structure at Facebook contributed to some of the recent problems the company encountered publicly including data privacy related issues? 2. Explain the role of the Board of Directors in running a public company. What is their primary job? What distinguishes inside from outside directors? How would you describe the board of directors at Facebook based upon the provided information on each one on the company website (link is provided above). Do you think there is a problem there? what is it? and why do you think its a problem? 3. How can a company’s culture encourage members to engage in unethical behaviors? Ethical ones?

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