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Read each question carefully before you choose whi

Read each question carefully before you choose which two that you are going to answer. Pay careful attention to what the question is actually asking you to do. Demonstrate your knowledge of the subject by going into depth and detail. Be sure to provide specific examples to support your conclusions.1. Discuss the major philosophic/religious ideas of Augustine and Aquinas. In your discussion please focus on their similarities and differences. Also, be sure to point out the political implications of their ideas.2. Compare how Plato and Aristotle would answer the following question: who should rule and why should they rule?3. Compare how Hobbes and Locke describe and explain human nature and the state of nature.4. Discuss the ways in which Machiavelli can be understood as a political strategist, a political scientist and a political philosopher.Please pick two of the 4 questions and respond to them. Please use the documents provided for notes and to know what to write about. Please stick on topic, and do not use filler. You may use different sources to back up your writing, but you must be sure to use the documents provided as well as the ideas.

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