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Read Case Study 1 – Adobe’s Family-Friendly Be

Read Case Study 1 – Adobe’s Family-Friendly Benefits: An Unexpected Backlash and answer the 3 questions that followRead Case Study 2 – Too Much Fatigue and Stress? You Decide and answer the 3 questions that followQuestions 1. Do managers like Janis Blancero face a more complicated decision when evaluating the personal requests of employees versus evaluating employees’ individual work performance? Explain.2. a. Should Adobe establish a policy for granting flexible work schedules? Explain.b. If you answered yes, what might that policy contain?3. If you were Janis Blancero, how would you resolve this dilemma? Explain.Questions1. When conflicting medical opinions are presented, should the advice of a medical expert count more heavily than the opinion of a general physician? Explain your answer.2. Is the charge of discrimination presented by Donald’s lawyer relevant to this case? Explain your answer.3. If you were presented with this case, what decision would you reach? Explain.

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