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Read: Bauer, William Jr. 2012. “The Giant and th

Read: Bauer, William Jr. 2012. “The Giant and the Waterbaby: Paiute Oral Traditions and the Owens Valley Water Wars.” Boom: A Journal of California 2 (4): 104–117. Write a critical analysis of the article as it relates to course material. You must incorporate at least 2 course readings in your analysis beside the Bauer article. In your analysis you might consider the following questions. Your paper must be 3 double-spaced pages. What are the Water Wars? How do Paiute oral histories challenge the narrative of the Water Wars? What is the relationship between identity and water for the Paiute people? Why does LA factor in? Is LA the real villain for the Paiute people? How did Paiute oral traditions reframe the timing of events?What does this article tell us about processes of settler colonialism?

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