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QuestionsChapter 5, Serving Culturally Diverse Chi

QuestionsChapter 5, Serving Culturally Diverse Children and Families1. A. Discuss ways in which prejudice, racism, and discrimination damage development in children. B. Give an example of a time you witnessed or were the object of prejudice, racism, or discrimination. C. Describe the impact on those who were involved. 2. A. Describe how culture influences development in children. B. What cultural influences were you brought up with? C. How have your cultural influences helped or hindered you in your schooling, professional or personal lives as you interacted with other cultures?3. A. List and describe 5 sound multicultural practices that should be used in the classroom. Sound practices are discussed throughout the chapter. B. Give a real-life example in which sound practices were not used in the classroom. This may include discriminatory practices that surfaced in the classroom setting. If you are not teaching as of yet, think back to your own personal experiences as a student, or an experience that you may have experienced with your own children if applicable. C. What was the impact on those involved?Chapter 6, Understanding Children with Ability Differences4. Children with ability differences have unique needs. A. List and describe at least five ways that these needs can be met. 5. A. In years prior, inclusion was not practiced as it today. Discuss the importance of practicing inclusion for children with ability differences and special needs. 6. A. Discuss how different appearances affect children. B. Children with different appearances can often be the target of bullying and teasing. In your opinion, why has bullying become a hot topic of discussion in the media and in society recently? C. What can be done starting at a young age to curb this hurtful act? Chapter 7, Designing Developmentally Appropriate Environments Inside and Out7. A. List and describe the ‘Three Key Elements of Prosocial Behavior.’ 8. A. Discuss the vital importance of ‘play’ in the development of the child. B. In your opinion, what is society’s general current view on ‘play’ for children of today? 9. A. Discuss what effect the environment has on child guidance. B. List and discuss what you feel to be the most essential components, including physical aspects and practices, that foster a prosocial environment?Chapter 8, Building Relationships through Positive Communication10. Read the Practical Application Case, ‘I’ll Leave You Here Forever’. A. Answer question 1: What would you have done in Marlene’s place and why? B. Answer question 2: What has Crystal really learned from the interaction? C. Answer question 3: Could anything have been done to prevent Marlene’s predicament?11. A. What is the difference between Negative Commands and Positive Requests? B. Provide an example and an explanation of both. 12. A. Describe Assertive Communication. B. List and briefly describe the 10 Key Factors for Assertive Communication.13. A. There are 9 stereotypes of nonproductive communication described in the text. Which stereotype do you must identify with and why? B. What can you do to improve your communication skills in relation to this stereotype?

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