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Question 11 ptsLegal regulation, professional code

Question 11 ptsLegal regulation, professional codes, and individual values are all examples of ________________________Group of answer choicesConsequencesOutcomessources of rules or ethics.PunishmentFlag this QuestionQuestion 21 pts_____________________, an 18th century British philosopher, subscribed to the utilitarian theory of social ethics. He believed that individuals derived their happiness when their actions resulted in the greatest good for the greatest number of peopleGroup of answer choicesJohn LockeImmunuel KantDavid HumeJeremy BenthamFlag this QuestionQuestion 32 ptsThere are various types of laws that are essential to a business, but _______________law, in which entities enter into the agreement knowingly and without being coerced is essential.Group of answer choicesPositiveCriminalContractTortFlag this QuestionQuestion 42 ptsUnlike other philosophers, _____________________ felt that there was no duty to others, instead, all men are naturally in a state of perfect freedom to order their actions and dispose of their possessions and persons, as they think fit, within the bounds of the law of nature; without asking leave, or depending upon the will of any other man.Group of answer choicesJohn LockeImmanuel KantJeremy BenthamDavid HumeFlag this QuestionQuestion 52 pts Pursuant to Article VI, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution the supreme law of the land isGroup of answer choicesLaw of the 50 statesFederal LawRICOUniversal Precepts which predate lawFlag this QuestionQuestion 61 ptsArticle III of the U.S. Constitution establishesGroup of answer choicesFederal CourtsState CourtsSeats in the House of RepresentativesSenatorial seatsFlag this QuestionQuestion 72 ptsFormalism is a ______________________ based view of ethics.Group of answer choicestangentiallyvarriabledutycorporateFlag this QuestionQuestion 81 ptsA ______________is a duty or rule which prescribes the foundation to achieve the end or purpose desired by an action, or a motive.Group of answer choiceslicensemotivationconsequenceMaximFlag this QuestionQuestion 92 ptsWhen someone questions whether the ends justify the means they are likely trying to decide the consequences of the action to determine the most favorable route to bring about the best outcome. This reasoning is called…..Group of answer choicesconsequentialismformalismvirtualismcatechismFlag this QuestionQuestion 101 ptsThese companies all fired their CEO once it was discovered that he was having an illicit affair with an employee in violation of the company’s code of conduct.Group of answer choicesPricelineBest BuyHewlett PackardAll of the aboveFlag this QuestionQuestion 111 ptsIn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission558 U.S. 310 (2010) it was found to be unethical and a violation of law for a non profit toGroup of answer choicesa) air a film critical of a candidate within 60 days of an election or 30 days of a primaryb) provide more than 1.5 million directly to a Candidatec) report past bad behavior of a candidate in the Newspapers and Magazinesd) make any expenditure advocating the election or defeat of a candidate at any time.e) Only a & df) only b & cFlag this QuestionQuestion 121 ptsIn Mayer v. Belichick (2010) the Court found that the patrons recourse for seeking vengeance against the ‘Spygate’ by the Patriots was limited to Group of answer choicesReimbursement for his NY Jets season ticketsSuspending the Team for playing for 6 monthsspeaking out against the Patriots, their coach,and the NFL.Compensation for tickets, parking and merchandise to the tune of $5 Million for one yearFlag this QuestionQuestion 131 ptsThe court found although the law did not require it, they did find a breach of duty and morally wrong in Qualcomm, Inc. v. Broadcom, Corp. (2008) that they did notGroup of answer choicespay their debts on timedid not reveal that they were SSO’s.allow their competitors to be first in introducing new technologyas participants of an SSO provide full disclosure of the existence of all of their patents.Flag this QuestionQuestion 142 ptsThe _____________________________ethical theory says a person should consider all of the alternatives and choose the one most useful and beneficial which might increase the common good.Group of answer choicessocial contractdeontologicalutilitarianformalism

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