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QUESTION 1 What is a stereotype?Give an example of

QUESTION 1 What is a stereotype?Give an example of a stereotype and explain how this stereotype could affect how a social policy is developed.(For example, if I believed that all leprechauns were little Irishmen then I might support developing a social policy that inadvertently excludes leprechauns who were female or Scottish) Please note; I will send the files for this assignment. But i have attached a powerpoint which is named’ CH.7 Social Policy PPR” i will send the pictures required for this assignment after bidding. QUESTION 2. Original posts should be at least 200 words in length, adhere to APA style, and appropriately attend to all components of the writing prompts. Please review and respond the items below: —Using the sample case of Leron from the textbook, how would you score Leron using the TAF . . . When Leron first exits Union Avenue? When the CIT officer initially meets Leron? When Leron agrees to leave the scene and gets into the police car? When the CIT officer is following-up with Leron at the legal aid office? Please make sure that explain the rationale for each of your scores. PLEASE NOTE: I will send you the required documents for this assignment.I have attached the pdf for the TAF. I will send pictures of the sample case after bidding.QUESTION 3Find two graduate programs in your area of interest . Summarize and compare the programs in a brief write up. How do they compare in focus, application requirements, funding/costs, etc.? Reflect on the experience of researching graduate programming.PLEASE SEND THE ANSWERS IN SEPERATE WORD DOCUMENTS.

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