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Question 1 (Discussion)(2-PART) INSTRUCTIONS (MUST

Question 1 (Discussion)(2-PART) INSTRUCTIONS (MUST COMPLETE BOTH PARTS FOR CREDIT):1. PICK ONE DILEMMA AND RESPOND2. RESPOND TO A CLASSMATE’S RESPONSE TO A DIFFERENT DILEMMAWhile in the restroom, you overhear your boss telling a colleague that Bob is going to be laid off at the end of the quarter in about two weeks’ time. Bob is a good friend of yours. Do you tell him?One of the newest salespeople in your division is a real goof-off, never showing up for work on time, distracting other people with his antics and so on. You complain about him to your boss, who tells you the kid is the son of the company president. Your boss instructs you not only to leave the new guy alone but also to make his sales numbers look good by throwing him some no-brainer accounts. What do you do?Question 2 (Paper)The first part of a project related to Being Your Best Self: Becoming Aware of an Ethical issue. You should review and be able to use the Being Your Best Self – Moral Awareness subject matter available through Moodle.1.5 – 2 pages at the most. 2 academic resources should be used in addition to the original source of the news article. (3 total sources for full credit).Conduct some news research and find an ethical issue that relates to your chosen career or relates to an industry that you are interested in.In your submission, briefly explain the ethical issue(s) of which a leader should be aware and explain in what ways the article shows the leadership/people were aware of the issues.Information about this project is attached: 3 (Discussion) Read Chapters 5 & 6Discussion Forum Ch. 5 & 6Answer the following questions:Chapter 51) What is Human Resource planning and provide examples?2) What is recruiting and provide examples?Chapter 61) Briefly explain the various selection method standards. 2) What are the different types of selection methods and explain two in detail?Replies to two others students commenting on their post’. Your initial posting is due by 11:00 p.m. on Thursdays and your replies to peers are due by 11:00 p.m. on Sundays.Be sure to be original and use APA format & style.Please use two references. One can be the textbook.Let me know if you are able to get this done.Thanks!!!!Add a new topic

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