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Purpose:Thepurpose of this project is for students

Purpose:Thepurpose of this project is for students to use a real-worldorganization to discuss the purpose of business, to explain howstakeholders influence and are influenced by business, to demonstratehow external forces affect business and to explain the interrelatednessof business, government and society.Outcomes Met with This Project:discussthe financial, economic, regulatory, sociopolitical, and technologicalfactors as they relate to a dynamic business environmentexplain the importance of the integration of individuals and systems to organizational effectiveness.How to Set Up the ReportCreatea Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) document that is double-spaced usingTimes Roman New 12-point font. The final product will be 3 pages inlength excluding the title page and reference page. Write clearly andconcisely. Create a Title page with a title for the paper, course number, your name and the instructor’s name.Instructions:Youwork as an analyst for Woebegone Community College. After coming outof a staff meeting, your manager asked you to create a report that willbe used to present to the Student Affairs Association.Course Materials and ResearchYou will complete research on Juul Labs. Resources cannot be older than August 2019.Resourcescan come from the library, news articles, videos and other crediblesources to identify and discuss the issues as it relates to Juul Labs. You will draw from the course materials to support the ideas presented.Notethat using course materials and reference articles goes beyond definingterms but clearly and thoroughly explains the ‘why and how’ of asituation. Avoid merely making statements but close the loop of thediscussion by explaining how something happens or why something happens,which focuses on importance and impact. In closing the loop, you willdemonstrate the ability to think clearly and rationally showing anunderstanding of the logical connections between the course materials,your reference articles and the question(s) being asked.Usethe following template using the headings to separate elements. Createa new paragraph for each bulleted item below. Do not use bullets inyour paper as the required format is in narrative format with indentedparagraph and no extra space between paragraphs.IntroductionWrite an Introduction paragraph. TheIntroduction paragraph is the first paragraph of the paper and will beused to describe to the reader the intent of the paper explaining themain points covered in the paper. This intent should be understoodprior to reading the remainder of the paper so the reader knows exactlywhat is being covered in the paper.Consider writing the introduction last to ensure that the main points are covered. Juul Labs Business and PurposeDiscuss Juul Labs’ business and purpose.Juul Labs StakeholdersIdentify Juul Labs’ stakeholders.Discuss how Juul Labs has influenced its stakeholders.Shaping of Juul Labs Business ActivitiesExplain how the social environment has shaped Juul Labs business activities in the past year.Business, Government and SocietyExplainhow current issues with Juul Labs demonstrate the interrelatednessbetween business, government and society. Provide examples and explainthoroughly.ConclusionCreate a concluding paragraph. The Conclusion summarizes the main topics discussed in the paper.Review the Paper Read the paper to ensure all required elements are present.Thefollowing are specific requirements that you will follow. Use thechecklist to mark off that you have followed each specificrequirement. ChecklistSpecific Project RequirementsProofread your paperReadand use the grading rubric while completing the report to ensure allrequirements are met that will lead to the highest possible grade. Thirdperson writing is required. Third person means that there are no wordssuch as “I, me, my, we, or us” (first person writing), nor is there useof “you or your” (second person writing). If uncertain how to write inthe third person, view this link: Contractions are not used in business writing, so do not use them. Paraphraseand do not use direct quotations. Paraphrase means you do not use morethan four consecutive words from a source document. Removing quotationmarks and citing is inappropriate. Instead put a passage from a sourcedocument into your own words and attribute the passage to the sourcedocument. There should be no passages with quotation marks. Using morethan four consecutive words from a source document would require directquotation marks. Changing words from a passage does not exclude thepassage from having quotation marks. If more than four consecutivewords are used from source documents, this material will not be includedin the grade. Youare expected to use the research and weekly course materials to developthe analysis and support the reasoning. There should be a robust useof the course material. Material used from a source document must becited and referenced. A reference within a reference list cannot existwithout an associated in-text citation and vice versa. Changing wordsfrom a passage does not exclude the passage from having quotationmarks. Use in-text citations and provide a reference list that contains the reference associated with each in-text citation.Youmay not use books in completing this problem set unless part of thecourse material. Also, do not use a dictionary, Wikipedia orInvestopedia or similar sources.Providethe page or paragraph number in every in-text citation presented.Since the eBook does not have page numbers, include the chapter titleand topic heading. If using a video, provide the minutes and second ofthe cited material.

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