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Purposeo To evaluate an historical theme using ass

Purposeo To evaluate an historical theme using assigned sources for support.o To compose a properly formatted, scholarly paper, using the most recent edition of Turabian, Notes-Bibliography.General Directions:For this assignment, students will choose 1 historical theme from the list below to research throughout the course:**I can send over the directions on which ever topic we decide on*Religion/PhilosophyLiteratureLawScience/Medicine/TechnologyEconomy/LaborStudents will write 2 analytical essays on their chosen theme, using the primary sources and topic prompts within the additional documents.Evaluative Essay 2 will cover the period from 476-1640. It is due in Week 7.Specific Requirements:The evaluative essay will consider assigned sources on the chosen theme, and evaluate those sources using the topic prompt provided in the additional documents for this assignment.Format, Length and Organization:o Length: 750-1100 words (roughly 3-4 pages, double spaced not counting footnotes)o Double spaced text, Times New Roman, size 12 font, standard margins and indentation (see Turabian: Notes-Bibliography)o The paper should have a title page, body, and bibliography pageo Using Turabian Notes-Bibliography style, format footnotes for the paper.o Basic Organization (except literature topic, given in literature document): The paper will consist of an introduction, body and conclusion:o Introduction should be one paragraph and should introduce the main argument, ending with a strong thesis statement. The thesis statement is the ONE SENTENCE argument.o Body of the paper is a few paragraphs (3-4) developing and supporting the argument, showing comparison and contrast of the assigned documents, as well asfurther analysis and Biblical evaluation. The body of the paper should provide specific examples and details from the assigned sources.

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