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PSY 1012 General PsychologyModule 5 AssignmentDiso

PSY 1012 General PsychologyModule 5 AssignmentDisorders WorksheetDownload the Disorders Worksheet (below) and complete the tables with information from your readings, additional research, and the course information. You may find it helpful to complete the worksheet as you do the readings for this Module. Be sure to list your references in APA format at the end of the worksheet.Instructions: For each disorder in the tables below, identify the major symptoms and characteristics. Feel free to refer to your readings and course materials. Be sure to list your references in APA format.Anxiety DisordersMajor Symptoms/CharacteristicsGeneralized Anxiety DisorderPhobiasSpecific PhobiaSocial PhobiaAgoraphobiaPanic DisorderObsessive-Compulsive DisorderMood DisordersMajor Symptoms/CharacteristicsMajor DepressionBipolar DisorderSchizophreniaMajor Symptoms/CharacteristicsSchizophreniaPersonality DisordersMajor Symptoms/CharacteristicsAntisocial Personality DisorderDissociative DisordersDissociative Identity DisorderBorderline Personality Disorder

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