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Proposal (due 9 February)Your proposal of 1500-200

Proposal (due 9 February)Your proposal of 1500-2000 words must a) state your aims (why do you want to do this project? whatdo you hope to learn?), b) state your research question(s) and/or provisional thesis, and c) include anannotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography must have a minimum of 4 sources and includeboth scholarly and non-scholarly sources in addition to the primary text(s) you are studying; forexample, if you are writing about the historical significance of The Godfather, you need at least onenon-scholarly source in addition to the film itself. Each annotation must include a) a brief summary ofthe content of the source, b) an evaluation of the source itself (its aims and effectiveness), and c) anevaluation of how the source will be useful to your project. The last is perhaps the most important.You do not need to do a full annotation for the primary text (s) you are studying, especially if thereare several of them; for example, if you are analyzing the work of a YouTuber, you do not need toprovide three paragraphs for each of their videos. Instead, you should annotate four sources that willhelp you analyze their work (including one scholarly and one non-scholarly source). If you havealready found a lot of secondary sources and annotating each would take you over 2000 words, youcan simply choose the four most important for full annotation. Please list all of the sources youanticipate using, however, and if you can provide a sentence or two of annotation for the othersources, this is helpful for the instructors when giving feedback (but is not required).Although the annotation style (i.e., what the three paragraphs contain) follows MLA conventions, youcan format bibliographic citations in any style you choose (APA, MLA, etc.); just be consistent. Yourproposal will be graded on the care with which you have found and evaluated sources and on thedevelopment of the research question/thesis (though it is understood that this may change as youwork more on the project). See this page for examples of annotated bibliographic entries: The first is the MLA-style annotation requiredfor this course (although your annotations can be shorter than those in the example).See rubric online (click on the drop box) for details on the goals and assessment of the assignment. Itis recommended that you read the A-range and D-range descriptions of each grading criterion.

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