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Post Your Rough Draft of Paper 1 by Saturday night

Post Your Rough Draft of Paper 1 by Saturday night, 2/8, and Post Two Peer Responses by Monday night, 2/10No unread replies.No replies.Post your rough draft as an attachment. Then, read through a classmate’s rough draft and using the Reply function, respond to the following questions about their draft. Follow the procedure again. Everyone should provide peer responses to two different people.Please respond to a draft that has not yet received a response. That way everyone can work together to ensure that each person receives a response.Post your rough draft before midnight, Saturday, 2/8 Post your peer responses before midnight, Monday, 2/10The final draft will be due Thursday, 2/13You can read through more than two drafts, and reply to as many as you like, but you only need torespond to the following questions for two (2) Rough Drafts.Peer Response Questions:Has the writer included Coates’ name and the title of his article (preferably in the 1st paragraph)? Is the writer’s perspective on Coates’ views clear? Are one or both of the two articles mentioned in the Paper 1 Instructions clearly used as a source to help explain/support the writer’s view of Coates? Does this source (or sources) need more explanation?Mention a section of the draft which you see as the thesis, or which most clearly state’s the writer’s own perspective or point-of-view. When examples are used to back up the writer’s opinion, does the writer explain how and why the examples are significant? Is it clear to you how the examples relate back to the main idea?Mention anywhere you feel the evidence (examples) could be explained further, or more clearly linked to the thesis. Point out anything confusing or not quite clearWhat do you want to know more about, if anything?What did you think was the strongest part of the draft, and why? Include anything else you’d like to point out, such as any grammar/punctuation/typos or MLA style errors.

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