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Please use APA (6th edition) style and organize th

Please use APA (6th edition) style and organize the paper with headings and subheadings.Please answer the following questions:1. In late 2005 in the city of San Francisco, there was a substantial homeless population living under the ramps of the freeway in one area of the city. Although homelessness could be a cause for removal and possibly arrest, it was decided to allow the homeless encampment to continue with no intervention from the local police department. If reasonably stable and permanent homeless encampments are permitted (a) who should monitor or police them? (b) Should their location be designated and approved by city government? (c) What services should be offered to residents? (d) What alternatives could be provided to people who adamantly assert their right not to sleep in shelters?2. Various agencies provide outreach services to homeless populations. Outreach includes offering shelter or other housing, emergency and nonemergency health services, needle exchange, food, clothing, and the attempt to meet other needs. People who accept any services may be considered clients of the program or agency that provided them. Once a person becomes a client, actions may ethically be taken to support the best interest of that person. However, some people refuse all services, and so cannot formally be considered clients. What, if any, ethical obligation could be considered above the standard of supporting self-determination?3. One of the issues that severely impacts incarcerated women, and which was addressed movingly here, is the effect of incarceration on mothers and children, and on the mother-child relationship. Women’s prisons can be located far from cities and neighborhoods of origin, and visitation is often limited due to inaccessibility. Where there is access, the separation of prisoners fro visitors allows minimal, if any, direct physical contact between mother and child. This problem potentially affects the children’s development in many ways, and can serve as a negative factor in rehabilitation of the mother as well. How could this be addressed in a way that supports the mother-child relationship?4. The author notes that although there are a number of services that address the needs of women once they are released from prison, there are few if any available to them while they are in prison. If a service for women who are incarcerated could be developed, do you think it is more helpful to focus on helping the women to make a good adjustment to life in prison, on education, and rehabilitation, or on planning for life after prison?5. The writer alludes to a significant population of homeless Vietnam veterans, many of whom are addicted to substances and/or are mentally ill. While it is important to acknowledge the principles of self-determination and autonomy, it is also important to consider whether the government has any special obligations to this population, and whether the support services and programs currently available for them are adequate and appropriate. (a) What do you believe to be the obligation of the government to these veterans? (b) What kinds of services not currently provided do you think would be beneficial?6. There is a sense in which social workers represent their agencies and operate as agents of them. The Veteran’s Administration is a government agency affiliated with the military. If you do not support current government policies regarding military actions, can you appropriately take a position as a social worker with the Veteran’s Administration? Why or why not? If you believe that you could take such a position, would you feel that you should be able to express your political beliefs in the agency setting? With colleagues? With clients?a. This would apply similarly to any agency with whose policies or positions you did not agree whether these are about the war, abortion, termination of life support, religious service participation as a condition of agency service, homosexuality, sexual relations outside of marriage, birth control, conditions for foreign aid, single parenthood, confidentiality and HIV, substance abuse, parental rights, undocumented immigrants, etc.7. The Harm Reduction Model has increasingly become an option in working with substance abuse and presents an approach that is a departure from the traditionally preferred 12-step approach of AA. It is important for social workers to understand this newer model and discuss both alternatives, as well as potential others, with clients. Describe both the 12-step program and the Harm Reduction Model in a way that explains the advantages and disadvantages of each. Which model do you believe is most effective? Why?8. In reading this case, I was stuck by the fact that clients of this agency knew the directors and managers and felt comfortable in contacting them with any concerns. The author notes that the concerns expressed in this way actually were addressed. How do client problems, issues, and concerns reach the executive director or administrator of your agency? Do you think that the system is effective? What could be done to improve communication between consumers of services and those who administer and develop programs?

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