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Please reply to each part with 150 words apiece.LB

Please reply to each part with 150 words apiece.LB Part 1The highlight of the course for me centered on the qualitativecoding assignment conducted based on the designated discussion board postprovided by my fellow cohorts. First of all, I found interestingeveryone’s perceptions and feelings of what it meant to be a doctoral studentand how each of our lives had changed. For the most part, a significancein the similarities in the collective responses centered around professionalachievement and advancement, a yearning for continued education, knowledge, andimprovement in research. Many of us had similar experiences with regardto motives, concerns, and struggles encountered before and during enrollmentinto the program. Gettingback to the coding exercise, I have been aware of a number of qualitative codingsoftware applications and solutions available to researchers; however, muchlike the early navigators, I felt an understanding of using rudimentary, manualmethods for coding might increase my understanding of the coding process,assist with the creation of the code book, and enhance my appreciation for theoverall process. My only regret in the coding exercise resided with notleveraging the automated process to evaluate the validity and credibility of mymanual approach. Due to timing constraints in my schedule, I was not ableto complete an automated coding process prior to the assignment due date.I hope to compare the automated coding results to my manual results inthe near future.Movingforward in the doctoral journey, I do feel an increased level of comfort in myqualitative analysis approach. From identifying the prospective sources,identifying a methodology for sampling of those sources, and generatinginterview inquiries and observational methodologies posed against a centralizedresearch questions, I have found this course and the nature of the assignmentsvery supportive in developing a better understanding of in conductingqualitative research.Inpreparation of my own doctoral research, I’m committed to learn more about theintricate details of the qualitative approach to be taken in researching theskills deficiencies of cyber security professionals in the Colorado Springsfederal labor market. Through developing the interview and observationalframework, I plan on expounding on the nature of the questions, andobservational activities planned to increase validity and credibility in mystudy.AW Part 2After reading Jamalsissue i would say: Heyjamal i hear ya math isnt my strongest subject either, and man who knewhow hard college can be! im glad you had no issues with the first unit, but isee your struggling to complete the second one. I myself am in the same boatbut did you know that our school offers FREE tutoring? i didnt either til ireached out to my admissions advisor. Try to reach out to yours and see if theyare able to provide you anymore info about it if not im here and i can help youget set up! AWPart 3According to the scenario, Jamal is having some problems inmath. I feel that this is a subject that many people have problems understandingat times. I think Jamal should take a break and regroup. Maybe some time awaycould give him a little more perspective on what he is learning. Many timespeople dwell on something for way too long and this can have a negative impacton his achievement in the class going forward. He should also move on toanother lesson and then he can go back and try this unit again. It may just bethat he has spent so much time on this unit that he is just discouraged. Thiscan make him feel bad about himself, thus having a negative impact on how heviews himself going forward in the class.Jamalcould really use the support of his family and friends. He should reach out tothem and let them know what he is struggling with. He should also reach out tohis learning coach for some possible ideas to help him achieve his goal. Heshould also consider asking for help with the problems he is struggling with.He could reach out to his instructor for help or even use the online tutoringto help overcome this obstacle. The main thing is for him to continue on and dohis best. He can succeed as long as he doesn’t put too much pressure on himselfand continues to communicate with family, friends and faculty that are there toassist him.AW Part 4I decided to enroll in CTU when traditional college wasn’tworking out for me. Although what I’m studying does not directly relate to myfield that I’m interested in studying at CTU will help my GPA increasedramatically so I can re-enroll at a traditional university to eventuallyobtain my bachelors in biomedical science. Through proper organization andmaintaining a good studying schedule I know that I will be home successful atColorado technical University.AW Part 5My motivation for wanting toenroll at Colorado Tech was very simple; I wanted to be equipped and geared forsuccess in the future to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a self mademillionaire. I had several friends, all military, that had discovered CTU and Ireceived and email one day saying that a friend had suggested I try CTU and beingthe curious individual that I am I decided that I wanted to at least send outand inquire. What I received in the way of response was overwhelming, startingfirst with my admissions advisor, Jonovia, who was heads and tails beyondefficient and amazing and truly made matriculating into CTU one of the easiestand most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had getting into school. My life willexponentially grow in forward lateral progression with my degree from CTU notonly because of the credentials that it will provide for me but also because Iwill have the pride of having completed something that I have for so longwanted to complete but never had the emotional and mental strength to completeit. I believe that I will finally find my place in this world and truly beginto grow in ways that I have always dreamed of growing and be the person, theman, I know that I am capable and created to be. A couple of strategies that I believe will keep me motivated andon track and number one, first and foremost, my family. My family has alwaysbeen my biggest advocate, my biggest fan club and have always, always stoodbehind and beside me urging me to go further, stronger, faster, longer and tonever give up. Without the support of the family that God has blessed me with Iwould never be in the position that I am today. Secondly, shear success andlateral upward progression will continue to be something that propels meforward and continues to keep me motivated and equipped and ready for whateverchallenges that life may bring post graduation and even during my education.AW Part 6 Hey yall so im back again and i went to thelearning center and found many of amazing things there, but the one that caughtmy eye the most and i feel will be very helpful for any student in theirjourney of college is student success center, in there i found the studentsuccess skills so i took a dive and found something called stressmanagement! Stress management is a source forstudents to utilize to help them control the stress and methods to help bringtheir stress levels down. They have videos you can watch that will essentiallymotivate you to get the stress out! This resource interested me because i myself findto get stressed out fairly quick, and when i get stressed i start to shut down.I like that it can give me things to do to help stay stress free, andmotivational videos that will help me remember i got this and to staypositive! I will find myself in this section veryoften, i will definitely be using this resource when i feel like i’moverwhelmed, when i feel myself unable to handle stress for life itself, andwhen i need to just remember stress is apart of life but i have ways tohelp reduce it! i will try the methods it gives, me read over the articles ican utilize, and watch the videos. AW Part 7As a new student at CTU and first time college student manyresources are very useful to me. The resource that selected is the Smartthinking resource. I chose this resource because with this resource youcan go there any time you need and get help. That is a helpful tool/resource tome because most of the time you would need a little help to accomplish all thethings you need to get done on time. The purpose of this resource is to gethelp from a tutor whenever you are have difficult times finishing anassignment. I took interest in this resource because I intend to wanting togive up easily and get stressed out when I can’t succeed in my work. I likethat it gives me a go to person when I really need help. I will find myselfhere very often when I need help completing a difficult task.

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