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Please read section 1.1 this chapter, Chapter 1. H

Please read section 1.1 this chapter, Chapter 1. HTML5: from documents to applications. We’ll be referring back to this content as we progress through the course. You’ll find it in the website below. I am going to ask you to summarize this on your web page assignment.Do not forget the website folder – it must be zipped and attached. All of your websites need to be a zipped folder. Create a 3-page website that follows web convention and HTML5. The pages need to be interconnected – e.g., you are creating a website.Be sure to:Follow Web ConventionThe main navigation is consistent on every page. No disappearing main navigation links.Title area/banner with the site titlePage title for every page – this goes under the navigation/banner area and above the main content.Footer areaLinks that open in new tabsADA convention/Usability principles are followed — tables (th and scope) and images (alt tags) are coded appropriately.Text is readableColor contrast is appropriate between text and backgroundHeadings (h1, h2, h3, etc.) are usedParagraphs are coded using the paragraph tagsCoding conventions for HTML5 are followed. Use small caps for the code. Use body/head section, etc.To have a home page withA section on the home page that summarizes, in your own words, what you have learned from the assigned reading. You are going to use a bulleted list to do this. You will summarize the main concepts in a bulleted list. Use six-word six-line rule for like you might for a presentation. (Six-word – the six-letter rule is only approximate. Make your summary short and descriptive.) Example-History of Web is …..fact 1 about web historyfact 2 about web historyfact 3 about web historyfact 4 about web historyfact 5 Do not copy and paste paragraphs.Use HTML 5 coding to create this content.Use a heading tag to start your next area of the page where you will list deprecated tags.List the tags that are no longer used in HTML5 (deprecated tags.) Create a TableList table attributes before you begin the tableUse table attributes to control the readability and look of the tablecell paddingcell spacingborder-color (optional since it is a CSS style)Make it accessible As many rows as you need3 columnsColumn 1 – List the tags you studied in the W3 in one columnColumn 2 – List the attributes of the listed tag Column 3 – examples of possible values Create a form that self-verifies*use place holdersself-validates (required)* (required is the hint.)submittableuses form-action/methoduses 6 input types. Do not just use text boxes. Use a variety: drop-down, radio, submit, checkboxes, etc.uses form labels and namesmake it requireddescribe the attributes of a form and what they are for.Use the mail to attribute so if I submit on the form so that it will send the data to an email addressAn image galleryUse a heading tag at the start of this sectionInsert 5 imagesUse descriptive alt tagsControl alignmentControl height and width (different from original)List attributes of the image tag and what they are for.

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