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Please complete an annotated bibliography entry fo

Please complete an annotated bibliography entry for at least:1 Scholarly Sources (Academic Journals, Books, etc.)3 Popular Sources (Newspaper Articles, Magazine Articles, Blogs, Youtube, Twitter, etc.)Please submit your entry as a Word Doc and insert them in the in the google doc ‘Class Annotated Bibliography’ found in the Collaborations section. Please insert your source alphabetically. An annotation is, basically, an evaluative summary. It is a coming to terms with the author’s project. Accordingly, you need to make sure you cover the following points (though you do not need to answer every question specifically). You might want to take a look at the google doc found in the collaborations section. I posted an example of an annotated bibliography entry that covers everything that is needed. Also, if you would like more info and some examples, explore the following link: Purdue Online Writing Lab: Annotated Bibliographies.summarize the source:What is the topic/subject/problem? What is the author’s project? What are some of the main claims and overall argument? assess the source:What kind of evidence/materials/examples are used? How well does the evidence work to support the author’s argument? What kind of methods, or methodology, is used? Especially in the scholarly articles, you should see a methodology explicitly stated. Are there any specific strengths and weaknesses of the argument? reflect on the source:Will this source be useful to your research, why or why not? If you think the source will be useful, how do you see it working to shape your argument (i.e. how will you integrate it into your argument)? Has this source changed how you think about your topic? What specific information, if any, would you use from the source? Considering your reader, what do you want to achieve with that material, what critical goal does it serve?

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