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Planning An Incident Response :January 19th at 23:

Planning An Incident Response :January 19th at 23:00 PM (Local), an earthquake, magnitude 3.5, is experienced with an epi-center 5 miles from the response location. This is an unusual occurrence, with no prior recorded earthquakes in this area in recorded history.NDJ is an industrial concern in your county that has experienced significant impact from this event.NDJ processes industrial (electronics and specialty) and medical gases.As a result of the earthquake, several explosions were experienced in the plant.Eight (8) employees remain unaccounted for at the present time.It’s a moonless night at 23:15 local.Temperature at 1.7 (C)/35(F)/humidity 50% Winds are from the West, at 5-7 mph ◦Gusts up to 25 mph There is a odor of rotten eggs in the area downwind from the plant.Several employee who escaped are experiencing burning eyes and throats, and appear confused.The first medic unit reports 3 patients with symptoms of pulmonary Attempts to locate a Responsible Agent for the plant are frustrated by the failure of telephone and data lines. Cell phone network is crashing, though you have “Public Service Priority” on your phones. NDJ-Registered Products :CAS 7783-61-1CAS 13465-84-4CAS 10026-04-7CAS 7664-41-7CAS 7440-37-1CAS 10294-34-5CAS 7637-07-2CAS 7784-42-1CAS 124-38-9CAS 630-08-0CAS 7782-50-5CAS 2551-62-4CAS 7803-62-5CAS 7803-51-2CAS 7782-44-7CAS 10024-97-1CAS 7664-39-3CAS 76-19-7 Questions 1- After performing an analysis of the hazard from the potential and probable chemical releases, how many exposures could be potentially saved with a ten man HMRT supported by 3 engine and 2 ladder companies? 2- With your analysis of the incident, how would you go about formulating response objectives3- What are your initial response objectives?4- How would you assess risk to each entrant if a rescue of the ‘down employees” is considered tenable?5- Presuming you opt to perform a search/rescue mission, what options would you suggest to accomplish the objective of a safe evacuation of viable victims?6- Describe the prioritization of medical care and removal of victims from the hazard area relative to exposure and contamination?7- What PPE would you require of your entrant and RIT (Rapid Intervention Team, rescuer’s rescuers) members ?8- What decontamination plans do you have?9- What medical treatment plan do you have?10- Develop an incident action plan, including site safety and control plan?

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