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physician-patient relationship

1. Which of these models of the doctor-patient relationship would you accept? Why?

Paternalism (physician knows best and patients should defer to physicians judgment);

Partnership (physician and patient should work together collaboratively towards the common goal of patient health);

Contract (patient contracts with the physician for certain services and each have their respective duties);

Friendship (Physician and patient are special-purpose friends with respect to the patients health);

Technical model (The physician is a technician whom the patient hires to perform health-related services)

2. Are physicians ever justified in lying to their patients? If so, under what conditions? If not, why not?

3. Do you think that physicians should be involved in physician assisted executions? It is sometimes said that such a role is inconsistent with their role as health care providers. Do you agree?

4. Do you think that health care providers such as nurses and physicians should be free to get involved sexually with their current patients? With their former patients? Why or why not?

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