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Part One – Reflection (approx. 500 words) Descri

Part One – Reflection (approx. 500 words) Describe a situation where you were involved in a workplace problem or conflict. Think of something at work, at home, in school, sports…anything that involved getting agreement from one or more other person and yourself. Describe the situation, the context, the values, and all of the interests of the parties, including your own.Part Two – Apply the Theory (approx. 1000 words)Take this situation you have just described and apply a scholarly lens. Using the principles of relationship building and or negotiation – You may use the readings provide in this class, or other sources you have come across that will support your analysis. Describe the process that was followed in order to reach the final decision. Now that you have done some reading about the different approaches to managing conflict, would you say that the approaches used in this situation was effective or not. Will the decision stick? Was it a good agreement or decision? Were you happy with the result? Tell me why and support this analysis with theory. You must support your analysis by citing and referencing a minimum of 4 current (last 7 years) credibleacademicsources. You may find these in the camosun library database or in our course site.Part Three – Plan an Effective Negotiation Strategy that will help you in your personal or professional life. Using the “Negotiations Planning assignment worksheet” found under week six resources as a guide, follow the steps to complete the planning worksheet. Based on the analysis you did in step two, work through the stages carefully and think about how the theories apply or not and how your strategy can be improved.Formatting and citations CompileallofthecomponentsofPartOne,TwoandThreeintooneproperlyformatteddocumentandsubmitto the drop box by the due date. Formatting, style and citations will be assessed in yourmark. As per the School of Business guidelines on late papers, late assignments cannot beaccepted.

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