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PAC Recourses Inc. (Parts1 & 2) introduces the stu

PAC Recourses Inc. (Parts1 & 2) introduces the students to the connectivity with the strategy of the organization and the HR strategy. The attached case provides the facts in a case-based scenario for the Group to react to and consider options and decisions for the professionals highlighted in the case. The learning objectives for this case are as follows: 1. Recognize the link between organization strategy and human resource activities. 2.Conduct a SWOT analysis of the organization with emphasis on the HR department. 3. Identify problem areas in each of these five functional areas of HR Management: Human resource development. Safety and security. Staffing. Compensation and benefits. Employee relations. 4. Design solutions to the strategic problems identified in the five functional HR areas. 5. Develop solutions to the policy and people management problems identified in the e- mails. 6. Present their solutions to the class and lead discussions of the issues involved in their assigned functional area of HR. Deliverable: Company overview. Compensation Philosophy How the company uses its own products or services to enhance the total compensation for its employees. The internal strengths and weaknesses your team identified and how the company responded to these factors from a total rewards perspective. The external opportunities and threats your team identified and how the company responded to these factors from a total rewards perspective. Examples of traditional and non-traditional rewards and how they are used to meet organizational objectives. How the company aligns its benefits with its corporate values. Recommendations by the team regarding an expansion of the benefits programs offered at the company that would further align HR with the accomplishment of organizational goals and values. Additional external primary sources to the case are encouraged to incorporate, cite on the References page and if required, quoted with an in text citation in your report. Writing: Business-level language is required; minimal use of contractions, slang, cliches. Report written in third person. This is not an opinion paper as no one is expected to be an expert in the subject matter. Paper is written in active voice versus passive voice Report must be proofread; error-free from grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes Content: Introduction and developed conclusion statement is required in all case reports Case content and facts must be included in response to each question to support / substantiate the response. Evidence of understanding of the facts presented and integrated will be assessed in the manner for which the report is written. Well-developed responses will demonstrate application relevance over perfunctory writing.

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