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Overview This assignment will provide you with the

Overview This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to practice influencing policy by communicating with a legislator about a current health problem. The letter should be in block format for a business letter, the letter may be more than one page. You do need to support with evidence. Cite your sources and include a reference page at the end of your letter. Follow the assignment directions and review the rubric. You can view samples for formatting a business letter on the following link: In addition some helpful links on how to formulate a letter to your legislator may be found Follow the steps below to write a letter advocating for change, go to for an example: Select a current health problem that is being debated at the national and/or state level (e.g., the proliferation of ‘pill mills’, pain clinics, etc) and state why it is of interest. Be sure to research your problem.Identify a legislator (state or federal) and state why that person is the appropriate one to contact, you will show why this is right person to contact based on the supporting data you provided in your letter.Draft a letter to the legislator in business block format including the proper salutation.Introduce yourself and your reason for writing.Include the following in the body of your letter:Introduce yourself and your reason for writing.State concisely what you understand to be the current socioeconomic, political, and ethical issues surrounding the problem. You must have supporting data (include citations).Discuss the implications of the problem for your community, nursing or nursing practice.Make a clear request for action. You must have supporting data (include citations).Request a response.Include a reference page beginning on the page following the end of the letter, also include citations in the body of your letter. At least three references are required. Objectives Explain how values and politics shape health policy.Identify the components of political skill and the implications for nurses. ReferencesMinimum of three (3) total references: one (1) reference from required course materials and two (2) peer-reviewed references. All references must be no older than five years (unless making a specific point using a seminal piece of information) APA format.

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