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You must download Earth Google for this assignment.

Please read carefully and fallow instructions .

This is not a Essay.

In this discussion,you will use Google Earth to explore the origin and evolution of features on the seafloor. This assignment addresses Student Learning Outcome 3.

First, review all content items in this module, including reading the assigned textbook chapter and reviewing the accompanying lesson slides.
After familiarizing yourself with marine provinces, open Google Earth. We want to more clearly see features on the ocean floor, so go to “View” in the menu and click “Water Surface” to disable it. Google Earth shows ocean bathymetry in shades of blue: the darker the blue, the greater the depth. Zoom in until you can see features on the seafloor. Find a volcanic peak on the seafloor and determine whether it is an abyssal hill, seamount, tablemount/guyot, volcanic island or an atoll. In your new reply to this discussion:
Copy and paste the coordinates of your feature and note the type of feature you found.
Describe your feature: use the cursor to determine the water depth surrounding your feature (water depth is provided as negative elevation, next to the GPS coordinates). What is the water depth at the top of your feature? How big is it? Use the ruler tool to measure its dimensions. Be sure to include units! (Are you measuring in meters, kilometers, feet, miles?)
Hypothesize as to the origin of your feature. What geologic processes created it? Why is it there? This is a hypothesis, so there are no wrong answers.

Useful Resources
You may want to review the Google Earth Tutorial video again (created by a colleague at Pasadena City College). This tutorial goes over several tools in Google Earth that will be used in this assignment, including the ruler tool to measure distance, and the cursor to measure GPS coordinates, elevation or depth.

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