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n this weeks discussion, you will post two pages of your final portfolio:

Introductory Page and
Professional Philosophy (based on your Week 1 Blog).
You will then review a peer’s work and post your feedback.


Module 16 pp. 271 – 274


The following Portfolios were created outside the Blackboard platform, but they are a good example of the content and tone you may consider for your portofli. (You may look for others on the web related to your specific field.) Consider stands out to you, and what would you like to imitate? – Nursing – Hospitality Management – Public Administration – Health Sciences – Accounting


Post 1: Two artifacts (pages) from your Final Portfolio in progress.

Introduction:  The first page of your Final Portfolio is an introduction to the readers.  It should provide an overview of your professional goals and the path you have set to lead you to success.  It can also include as much (or as little) personal information as you care to share. (see Final Portfolio instructions).

Professional Philosophy was drafted in Week 1 Blog.  You should review the statement, revise it and post along with your introduction.
No Attachments. Please post directly into the discussion text box. While no specific word count is required, this is a upper level class, and you are expected to provide full, meaningful responses.


Review two peer Portfolio.  Specifically address the following areas of your peers’ posts:

Style and Tone:  Is the tone appropriate?  Who do you think the audience is, based on the tone?
Content:  Does the content provide enough information to get a feel for the individual?
Grammar and Mechanics: Is the content easy to read? Is it error free?
Feedback:  What suggestions do you  have for peer to strengthen the portfolio pages?
Please be sure to check your own thread during the week for replies from your peers and your instructor. Should your instructor have additional questions or requirements, please complete them.

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