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NSG 6101 Nursing Research MethodsWeek 8 Knowledge

NSG 6101 Nursing Research MethodsWeek 8 Knowledge CheckQuestion 1 The standard deviation of a sampling distribution is called a:Question 1 options:Sampling errorStandard errorVarianceParameterQuestion 2 A statistical procedure that is used to determine whether a significant difference exists between any number of group means on a dependent variable measured on an interval scale is the:Question 2 options:t-testANOVAPearson’sChi-squared testQuestion 3 For which of the following levels of significance is the risk of making a Type II error greatest?Question 3 options:. 4 Which level of measurement permits the researcher to add, subtract, multiply, and divide?Question 4 options:NominalOrdinalIntervalRatioQuestion 5 The measure of central tendency that is most stable is the:Question 5 options:ModeMedianMeanThey are all equivalent

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