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No Need to provide answer to main question,read below student posts and reply each in 150 words.main que :Pick 3 different types of encryption methods and explain the benefits of each one.jay kumar – Symmetric cryptographyEncrypter, and Decrypter — need access to the same key.The tricky part is how to store the key and make it available only to the software that needs it.Best use:1)In services that store encrypted data on behalf of a user (like cloud backup services)2)To encrypt computer or device storage (Computer password)3)To create a secure channel between two network endpoints, provided there’s a separate scheme for securely exchanging the keyAsymmetric cryptographyKnown as public key cryptography, uses public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt data.Either of the keys can be used to encrypt a message; the opposite key from the one used to encrypt the message is used for decryption.HashHashing is used only to verify datathe same input will always produce the same outputit’s impossible to reverse it back to the original datagiven knowledge of only the hash, it’s infeasible to create another string of data that will create the same hash (called a “collision” in crypto parlance)Three resistance:Pre-Image Resistance:when: h(x) = zhard to find: h(z)-1 = xSecond Pre-Image Resistance: if a hash function h for an input x produces hash value h(x), then it should be difficult to find any other input value y such that h(y) = h(x).vamsi – What is Encryption?Encryption is the process of converting data into an unrecognizable format in order to protect it. This conversion is accomplished by using one or more cryptographic keys. Each key is a string of data, such as letters and numbers that creates a unique encryption of the original information. (Bek, E. 19 May 2016). There are three elements required for every instance of encryption. The key, the input, and the cryptographic algorithm are all required. Given the same key and the same input text, the algorithm will always return the same encrypted result. Without knowledge of the algorithm and the decryption key, however, the encrypted text is merely a jumble of meaningless information.Symmetric-Key AlgorithmsLet us begin with the symmetric key. These algorithms use the same cryptographic key for encrypting and decrypting information.Of course, this means that the key needs to be shared ahead of time between the sender and the receiver. In cryptography, these people are called Alice and Bob, respectively. Alice can send Bob a message, but Bob will not be able to understand it until he has the key that Alice used to encrypt it.The drawback of these algorithms is that an attacker in possession of the shared key can easily crack the encryption. Not only can the attacker decrypt Alice’s messages, this person can also write a message imitating Alice, encrypt it, and send it to Bob. Bob will be unable to detect the deception. For this reason, Alice and Bob’s shared key needs to be carefully protected.FPE (Format-Preserving Encryption)FPE is a class of algorithms in which the input and encrypted data are in the same format. For example, a credit card number composed of 16 digits from 0 to 9 will be encrypted as another 16-digit number. This means that software systems process this encrypted information without having to translate it into something that looks like the original input. (Burshteyn, Mike 2016)AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)AES is a format-preserving algorithm that was first established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology in 2001. It was based on the Rijndael cipher created by two Belgian cryptographers. Because it is highly resilient against all known attacks, the U.S. government has adopted AES as its encryption method of choice for protecting classified information.shalini – Data encryption standard (DES)The Data Encryption Standard is a unique US Government encryption standard. It was initially thought to be unbreakable, however the expansion in computing power and a decline in the cost of hardware has rendered 56-bit encryption basically out of date. This is particularly evident with respect to delicate data. John Gilmore, the EFF prime supporter who headed the Profound Split project, said ‘When planning secure systems and foundation for society, tune in to cryptographers, not to politicians.’ He advised that the record time to break DES ought to send ‘a reminder’ to any individual who depends on DES to keep data private. In any case, you’ll despite everything discover DES in numerous items. The low-level encryption is anything but difficult to actualize without requiring an enormous measure of computational power. In that capacity, it is a typical element of keen cards and constrained asset machines (Kwang, 2020).RSARSA (named after its makers Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman) is one of the primary open key cryptographic calculations. It utilizes the single direction hilter kilter encryption work found in the recently connected article. Numerous aspects of the internet utilize the RSA calculation widely. It is an essential component of numerous conventions, including SSH, Open PGP, S/Emulate, and SSL/TLS. Moreover, programs use RSA to set up secure interchanges over insecure systems. RSA remains unimaginably mainstream because of its key length. A RSA key is ordinarily 1024 or 2048 bits in length. Nonetheless, security specialists accept that it won’t be some time before 1024-bit RSA is split, inciting various government and business associations to relocate to the more grounded 2048-bit key (Singh & Supriya, 2013).Two fishTwofish was a National Establishment of Measures and Innovation Propelled Encryption Standard challenge finalist—however it missed out to Rijndael. The Two fish calculation works with key sizes of 128, 196, and 256 bits, and highlights an unpredictable key structure that makes it hard to split. Security specialists see Twofish as one of the quickest encryption calculations and is a magnificent decision for both hardware and programming. Moreover, the Twofish figure is free for use by anybody. It shows up in the absolute best free encryption programming, for example, VeraCrypt (drive encryption), PeaZip (document files), and KeePass (open source secret word the board), just as the OpenPGP standard (Singh & Supriya, 2013).sripriya- It’s an obvious fact that we at Data Shield are enormous advocates of information security. Not exclusively are information breach inconceivably costly, yet laws with respect to information security should be followed if organizations need to maintain a strategic distance from huge fines. And keeping in mind that we are clearly promoters of hard drive destroying when disposing of your PC, that lone ensures the security of your information once it’s the ideal opportunity for new hard drives (Peralta, 2019). So shouldn’t something be said about constantly in the middle? Enter information encryption: a strongly prescribed approach to keep your information out of inappropriate hands the whole time it’s on your PC (Peralta, 2019).Encryption is a system for changing data on a PC so it gets indistinguishable. Along these lines, regardless of whether somebody can access a PC with individual information on it, they likely won’t have the option to do anything with the information except if they have convoluted, costly programming or the first information key (Peralta, 2019). The fundamental capacity of encryption basically makes an interpretation of typical content into cipher text. Encryption strategies can help guarantee that information doesn’t get read by inappropriate people, yet can likewise guarantee that information isn’t modified in travel, and confirm the personality of the sender (Peralta, 2019).Types and Advantages:Hashing: Hashing makes a one of a kind, fixed-length signature for a message or informational index. Each ‘hash’ is unique to a particular message, so minor changes to that message would be anything but difficult to follow. When information is scrambled utilizing hashing, it can’t be switched or deciphered. Hashing at that point (however not, in fact, an encryption strategy in that capacity) can even now demonstrate information hasn’t been messed with (Peralta, 2019).Symmetric encryption method: otherwise called private-key cryptography, earned its name in light of the fact that the key used to encode and decode the message must stay secure. Anybody with access to the key can decrypt the information. Utilizing this technique, a sender encodes the information with one key, sends the information (the cipher text), and afterward the beneficiary uses the way to decode the information (Peralta, 2019).Asymmetric encryption methods: or open key cryptography, vary from the past technique since it utilizes two keys for encryption or decoding (giving it the possibility to be progressively secure). With this strategy, an open key unreservedly accessible to everybody is utilized to encode messages, and an alternate, private key is utilized by the beneficiary to decode messages (Peralta, 2019).

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