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Need help writing a business plan. I need first 5/

Need help writing a business plan. I need first 5/6 pages including the literature review (This should be detailed). I am attaching an example of a completed business plan and it provides an outline of what is expected for the course. Please remember that any research conducted must be sited and notated accordingly.The overview attached is a quick draft so please correct and update accordingly to meet guidelines. This should include a complete description including how you plan to finance and monetize this business.***If the first few pages are great and tutor demonstrate competence, I will retain for the remainder of the project.Part 2Need opportunity and problem statements, research questionPart 3 and part 1 & 2 updateLicense feesThe different food products we offerDifference drink optionsExpand more on the type of staff- the uniforms and what is available to themStaff payroll for 1 yearPlease refer to sample business plan and set up business plan in that order.Here is the rest of the feedback from the professor. Let’s move towards the rest of the plan now.Step 1: modify and correct and return as soon as possible by Wednesday. TRENDS IN THE DECADES THEME BASED, DEMOGRAPHICS.WHATS CHANGED, WHY SO MUCH THEMED BASED. WHAS CAUSING THEMED BASED RESTAURANT MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN BEFORE. Investors- Venture Capitals- PartnersSmall business Loans- Leasing equipment’sIncrease operation cost but decrease startup costIncorporate more math be more specific numberReduce accountant to part-time and part-time bookkeeperIncrease chef salaryHow much square feet is the business and how much it costAdd the full liquor license to plan since I only have limited currentlyStep 2: follow the business plan example outline and complete remaining parts of the plan.

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