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MIS 307 Homework 2Problem 1 : Write a class ArrayS

MIS 307 Homework 2Problem 1 : Write a class ArraySum , given an array list, that computes (1) the sum of the numbers, (2) the sum of the positive numbers, (3) the maximum number. P7.7 from the textbookCheck Page 2 of this document for the scanned problems from the textbook. Provide one source file (*.java) for one question. Hence, total two *.java files need to be submitted. Incomplete source files are attached. Use the provided source files to answer the questions. and are for Problem 1 and P7.7, respectively. In modifying the source files,1. Do not change the file (class) names. Three Points will be deducted if you have different names. Class name changed due to Canvas (e.g., Classname(1).java, Classname(2).java) is ignored.2. Fill in your name in the @author section of the comment in each of the files. If you do not, two points will be deducted.Problem 1, tester code is attached ( You may use this code to test your work. You do not need to submit your work to Canvas. Make sure to submit source files (*.java). Class files (*.class) will not be graded and receive zero credit.

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