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MGT 640 TOPIC 1 DISCUSSION 1What are the various t

MGT 640 TOPIC 1 DISCUSSION 1What are the various types of project lifecycles? Locate at least two web links that describe two different project lifecycles and share them with the class.MGT 640 TOPIC 1 DISCUSSION 2What is the most critical aspect of evaluating the feasibility of a project?MGT 640 TOPIC 2 DISCUSSION 1What are the key project management organizational structures? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each from the perspective of the project manager.MGT 640 TOPIC 2 DISCUSSION 2What are the key aspects of a project charter? Research this on the Internet and provide at least two examples. Share the web links with the rest of the class. Discuss why the chosen aspects are key.MGT 640 TOPIC 3 DISCUSSION 1What are the different kinds of resource constraints in a major project? How would you go about identifying and resolving them?MGT 640 TOPIC 3 DISCUSSION 2What are some quality management tools that can be used to help ensure project requirements are met? Provide examples of how three of these tools can be used on a project to ensure project requirements are met. Provide your web links to the rest of the class.MGT 640 TOPIC 4 DISCUSSION 1What are two key challenges in assessing project risk? Discuss why the chosen challenges are key.MGT 640 TOPIC 4 DISCUSSION 2Who incurs the most risk, buyer or supplier, on a fixed price contract? Provide an example. Who incurs the most risk, buyer or supplier, on a cost plus contract? Provide an example.MGT 640 TOPIC 5 DISCUSSION 1Speculate regarding the most challenging issues a project manager faces when communicating with the project team. Justify your reasoning with at least two examples.MGT 640 TOPIC 5 DISCUSSION 2What are at least two key aspects of managing project teams on an information technology project? Explain.MGT 640 TOPIC 6 DISCUSSION 1You are managing a project in an industry of your choice. What are the two most significant issues you would focus on? Why?MGT 640 TOPIC 6 DISCUSSION 2Research the web and locate a sample project change control process. Share the web link and discuss the most significant aspects of the process.MGT 640 TOPIC 7 DISCUSSION 1What would be your approach to closing out a project? What specific issues would you focus on and why?MGT 640 TOPIC 7 DISCUSSION 2Based on what you have learned so far, what are five typical ethical issues a project manager might face on a project? How would you resolve these ethical issues? In addition, how does the Christian worldview perspective help to resolve the ethical issues?MGT 640 TOPIC 8 DISCUSSION 1Based on your own research and/or the readings in this topic, identify the two most significant major trends in project management. Why have you chosen these two trends? Provide any web links in your response.MGT 640 TOPIC 8 DISCUSSION 2Based on your own research and/or the readings in this topic, identify two recently practiced project management methodologies. Articulate the key aspects of this methodology. Provide any web links in your response.Course Tutor helps in providing the best essay writing service. If you need 100% original papers for MGT 640 Full Course Discussions GCU, then contact us through call or live chat.

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