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Provide a written critical assessment of a recent full-length feature film (from the past ~5 years). Films should be focused on some aspect of mental health and health promotion. Critiques should be typed, submitted in APA format, and 5-6 pages in length.

Essentials of a Critical Review
Begin with a description: Do not summarize the work in its entirety, rather, try to give the reader of the review an understanding of the filmmakers intentions.
A critical review is opinionated, and should include:
1. A statement of the reviewer’s understanding of the filmmakers purpose
2. How well the reviewer thinks the filmmakers purpose was achieved
3. Evidence to support the reviewer’s judgment of the work, i.e. other relevant sources
Read the work with care and allow yourself time to absorb what you’ve seen. Consider the work’s originality, its congruency, its use of evidence and logic in its discussion or presentation.
Note effective passages, your impressions as you view, and the relevance to Health Promotion.

Preparing the Critique
Provide an introductory paragraph that, like the closing one, sets the tone of the review. Include a thesis statement, the filmmakers purpose, and the work’s significance. You should compare this work to others by the same author, to similar work in the field, and to our course content.
The main body of the review should logically develop your central point as organized by your outline. Remember that quoted material should be cited according to APA.
Apply the work to Health Promotion and how it supports/enhances/refutes class material.
The concluding paragraph may sum up or restate your central point, if necessary, and should make the final judgment about the work.

Grading Rubric:
Article or films relevance to course content
Description of the film
Critical analysis of the purpose and significance of the film
Connection of film to course content and health promotion
Incorporation of additional sources
Structure, flow, APA format

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