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MAT 2051 Discrete MathematicsUnit 5 Assignment 2Al

MAT 2051 Discrete MathematicsUnit 5 Assignment 2Algorithms and Time ComplexityIn algorithm development, the time and space required for algorithm completion is paramount. As users, we know that when a computer process takes too long, we try to avoid it. This truth encourages all IT and computer-based companies to produce faster products and services.For this assignment, write a one- to two-page paper that includes all required algorithms and pseudocode describing the time and space complexity of algorithms. Include the following:Answer the following questions:What is time complexity?What is space complexity?Compare and contrast polynomial time algorithms and nondeterministic polynomial (NP) time algorithms (one paragraph minimum).Provide an example of an algorithm for each worst-case run times:O( n).O( nk). Note that this is called polynomial-time, where k is any number greater than 1.NP-time.Hint: Quick sort is an algorithm that runs in O( nlog n) time.Review the Algorithms and Time Complexity Scoring Guide to understand how the assignment will be graded.

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