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Let’s shine a light on what we identify as food –

Let’s shine a light on what we identify as food – or not! The anthropology of food is a sub-discipline that connects an ethnographic and historical perspective with contemporary social issues in food production and consumption systems. Research generally traces the material and symbolic importance of food, as well as how they intersect. Most of us are pretty confident about what we won’t eat but are often open to exploring new taste experiences. Select one of these topics to research:Consuming durian in Borneo.Consuming insects in India.Consuming cobra snakes in Thailand.The Task:Identify the topic you selected and provide a link to the source you used for information. (5 points)Explain what this food symbolizes for the people of that culture. Describe a food taboo that you follow by identifying something you eat that outsiders do not – or an item that you would refuse to eat. (15 points) Your submission should be 150+ words. (5 points)

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