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InstructionsWrite a journal assignment that review

InstructionsWrite a journal assignment that reviews the process states for your preferred operating system and prepares you for the process management requirements of your final project. First, research and then describe the scheduling algorithm used by your operating system kernel by default. Next, go to the command shell and execute one of the following commands based upon your operating system of choice:Windows: Execute the command tasklist /vIn your journal assignment, describe how the state values (such as ‘running’ or ‘sleeping’) reported by your operating system relate to the status of threads in Round Robin, First-Come, First-Serve, and Priority Based scheduling algorithms identified in the course textbook. Make note of any special thread/process reporting data your operating system provides and how it relates to process scheduling. Remember, support for a specific scheduling algorithm is determined by the environment in which your operating system is deployed.For your final project, you will have to consider whether your operating system will be supporting a server application that runs as a daemon in the background or a highly interactive workstation that must respond immediately, or a sensor system that must respond to hard, real-time requirements.For additional details, please refer to the Module Three Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.

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