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InstructionsBy the due date assigned, submit your

InstructionsBy the due date assigned, submit your revised Annotated Bibliography.Revise your annotated bibliography based on the feedback you have received from your instructor and your peers. Proofread your work carefully, ensuring that your in-text citations and reference entries conform to APA style. Use this APA Citation Helper for guidance.INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE ANNOTATED Bibliography:By the due date assigned post a rough draft of your annotated bibliography, following the assignment guidelines below.By the end of week, comment on at least two of your classmates’ submissions, following the Peer Response Guidelines below.Assignment GuidelinesAfter deciding on the topic for your researched argumentative essay, locate at least three credible sources in the South University Online Library. (You may include more if you like.) Take notes on your sources, following the methods outlined in the Week 3 lecture about note-taking. For each source, note the main idea, evaluate the credibility of the author, and consider how the text relates to your topic. Remember to create your references as you search for use in the bibliography and locating the articles again when you begin writing the essay.Steps to TakeDraft a references page in APA format.Include at least three sources.After each reference entry, provide a paragraph about the source, including the following:Summarize relevant information from the source.Evaluate the credibility of the author.Explain how the source relates to the position you plan to argue in your research paper.View some annotated bibliography examples.Here is help for Creating Annotated Bibliographies.MY BIBLIOGRAPHY,AND MY INSTRUCTORS COMMENTS:I have decided to research corporal punishment in children as my argumentative essay. There is a saying’ spare the rod spoil the child’. My parents have mentioned to me several times that I received spankings on several occasions, and I turned out just fine. I never used corporal punishment with my children and they turned out great. Several states still have corporal punishment within their school. I remember moving from Kansas without Corporal punishment to Louisiana where the school still incorporates corporal punishment within the school system, that was in 2008. Who is right? I was helped by the librarian with this research , we found the following sources:Title: MORE HARM THAN GOOD: A SUMMARY OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ON THE INTENDED AND UNINTENDED EFFECTS OF CORPORAL PUNISHMENT ON CHILDREN By: Elizabeth T. Gershoff, Law and Contemporary Problems, 00239186, , Vol. 73, Issue 2Database:JSTOR Journals.This summary discussed corporal punishment, as an old fashion way of raising children. The summary also mentioned the religious view points on corporal punishment. In this summary the author discussed the modern-age rearing of children. Parents do have short- or long-term goals when they use corporal punishment to correct their child’s misbehavior. The author explains that the short-term goal is to get the child to stop engaging in the unacceptable behaviors immediately . The key to the long-term goal is to reduce the likelihood that the child will not repeat the undesirable behavior and to increase the likelihood that the child will behave in socially acceptable ways. The summary discusses the unintentional effects of corporal punishment to children, the mental health effects, and the physical injuries and abuse from using corporal punishment on children.The effect of corporal punishment on antisocial behavior in childrenGrogan-Kaylor, Andrew. Social Work Research; Oxford Vol. 28, Iss. 3, (Sep 2004): 153-162. DOI:10.1093/swr/28.3.153.This research explains how they performed the research and listed several references .I could not find a useful 3rd resource in the library, even with the help of the librarian.I found this resource on the effects of corporal punishment in children , while researching online. article discusses the aggression, depression, poor resilience that could happen when children are exposed to corporal punishment. This article also discusses positive parenting skills to practice.Hi Hope-Thanks for posting your discussion board response. Make sure to include a full reference for a website. You still have titles, authors, publication or last updated dates, etc. I’m glad the librarian was able to help. Did you find any counterarguments for your paper?Dr. ReamerReply

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