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Informative Speech Outlines*this assignment is due

Informative Speech Outlines*this assignment is due at the same time as your speech so if you want feedback on your outline before the speech you will need to email it to me well ahead of time.Follow the basic outline templateActions applying your chosen speech designActions as applicable :The document you turn in should include 2 versions of your outline – the *working* (full-sentence) version and the *speaking* (keywords/phrases) version.Follow the basic outline templateActions , using the heading at the top, following it with your working version and then your speaking version.Remember the Rule of Division (don’t start a list unless it has at least 2 items on it!).No sources are required for the informative speech and they really shouldn’t be needed. However, if you include any, be sure to cite them in-text and on a reference list.Remember, you must be able to condense whatever you have in this outline down to just the keywords you need in order to create your notecards. When you are done, practice to make sure you fit the time requirements and add or subtract material as necessary!!Grading criteria (3 points total):Working outlineHeader => up to 0.5 ptsall required elements included and properly identified for this speechspeech design correctly identifiedspecific purpose makes sense, fits the assignment, and uses the format requiredWorking outline format => up to 0.5 ptsall required parts are included (use the outline template!) and properly identified/labeled for this speechmain points correctly follow the speech design identified in the headerWorking outline content => up to 1 ptsubjectively gradedfactors include, but are not limited to, word choice, argument structure, clarity, fulfillment of function, effective audience adaptation, etc.Speaking outline => up to 1 ptjust keywords and phrases (most quotes should be paraphrased – although this speech should not need any outside sources)logical progression from your working outline to the speaking outline (meaning everything is still labeled properly and makes sense when I compare them)

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